Air Conditioning

Chill It has an extensive range of air conditioning products and solutions. Ranging from single split air con systems to multi ducted air conditioning systems. We cater for all types of home installations and commercial ducted AC. We recommend using inverter technology.

Living in an area that experiences all the four seasons has its benefits and drawbacks. The temperature fluctuates greatly and this can cause an uncomfortable feeling in most people as they are never really able to get used to one type of weather.

Most people purchase a variety of heating and cooling systems in order to escape the uncomfortable temperature inside their homes. Purchasing a number of these systems not only wastes money but also increases electricity costs that will hurt you financially in the long run.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to all your heating and cooling needs: purchasing a reverse cycle air conditioner. These units were created because of popular demand from people living in areas where the temperature varies greatly according to the different seasons.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a dual-purpose heating and cooling system that is perfect for the home and office. The advantage of using this type of unit is that it provides an energy and cost efficient way to take care of your temperature needs, all in one unit.

Like most common air conditioning systems, reverse cycle air conditioners come in a variety of sizes that adjust to the area inside the house. These window, wall, split and portable units are capable of providing cooling along with electric heating.

Before purchasing this amazing heating and cooling system, be sure that you understand that these air systems come in a variety of different air con capacities and models. Purchase a unit that has the heating and cooling capacity specific to the size of the area inside your home, or where it’s going to be installed.

If the unit has a capacity greater than what is required, it will cause an unnecessary increase in electricity costs. Likewise, if the unit capacity is less than what is required for the area, then there will inadequate heating and cooling. If the unit is going to be moved around a lot, then purchasing a portable reverse cycle air conditioning unit is recommended.

Using Chill It will ensure that you get the best heating and cooling unit for your money! Contact us today.

“Back-2-Back” is deemed to be installation with up to an approximate 2 metre run between the head and the compressor. Any further distances are at an additional cost. Standard back-2-back is no further than a standard low set brick house.
  • Smooth Line PVC Duct (when mounted on the ground)
  • Heavy Duty galvanized wall mount brackets (for wall mount installations)
  • Independent hard wire to metre box including 20 amp circuit breaker (for 7 KW upwards)
  • Outdoor weather proof isolation switch (needed by law)

Extra charges may apply for extra pipe work, drain and electrical over standard installations, decommission and removal of existing split systems, disposal fees, units of 8 kw and over require 4mm cable.


Inverter – Heating and Air Conditioning

The difference between inverter air conditioning and non-inverter is the inverter air con units can alter their speed in response to cooling demand. Some AC units have an initial over-speed period where they will run at a slightly higher capacity for a set time to pull down the temperature of a hot room, effectively heating and air conditioning a room. When reaching the set point temperature they can reduce capacity to maintain that comfortable level saving you costly electricity bills and putting much needed dollars back in your pocket. Remember saving power is not just beneficial to your wallet but also the environment when purchasing your air conditioner.
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Split Air Conditioner | Split AC

Chill It provides you with a complete range of split air conditioner systems. These are ideal for cooling one room. Our systems range from 2.5 kilowatts for small rooms to a massive 8 kilowatts for large rooms and everything in-between.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems run off 1 outdoor unit and can have multiple climate zones. These systems are ideal for cooling and heating places with multi rooms such as houses, units and offices.


Multi-Head Split AC

Our multi-split AC range can run up to 9 indoor units off only 1 outdoor unit, therefore is ideally suited to whole house cooling where you can not run ductwork, multi-splits are also good for places such as apartments with small balconies where there is little room for multiple outdoor split AC units.
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Portable Air Conditioner | Portable AC

Portable air conditioners are designed for cooling any type of small room. Portable AC units need to have an outlet such as a window for the exhaust air to disperse.

Window Air Conditioner | Window AC

Chill It has a range of window air conditioners that are designed for window installation. Window AC are ideal for cooling and heating small areas where an outdoor unit cannot be installed.
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